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America’s Army 3 is a war game that focuses on tactical and realistic action at the platoon level, where the player is a soldier in the U.S. Army. But before the player can play online, he is required to finish an offline recruit basic training, and only after that, he can play it online. The various maps with specific objectives have some resemblance to the classic Counter Strike.

Each map/game ends when one team completes the objective(s) or eliminates all the opposing team. In certain circumstances it’s considered a tie, when the two teams are eliminated or both parties failed to meet their objectives when the time runs out.

America’s Army reaches a high level of realism in terms of visual and acoustic combat representation and the use of various available firearms.

Main differences of this new version:

America’s Army 3 has been completely redone with the Unreal 3 graphics engine and introduces a number of changes. Individuals with previous accounts can no longer continue using theirs screen name. Therefore, the new accounts must be created even for veteran users.

While America’s Army original had the possibility of new training based entirely on the training which was completed earlier, America’s Army 3 has only one base training available initially and is needed to play online to unlock more training options, which in turn unlock the ability to use new weapons. In addition, a single map can support multiple types of missions, while America’s Army in a single map only had one.

A new feature in America’s Army 3 is the ability to hand combat between enemy combatants, using the butt of the weapon, allowing a more realistic combat situation when we ran out of ammunition.

America’s Army 3 also eliminated the ability for characters to jump, done to eliminate the practice of “bunny-hopping” as evasive maneuver. But players can still climb small obstacles.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP or better
CPU/Processor: 3.0 GHz (Single Core) or higher
RAM/Memory: 1024 MB
Video Board: NVIDIA 6600 / ATI X1300 with 256 Mb or better.

America’s Army 3 Video:

File Size: 3.2 GB

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      super awesome game in the world

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      super awesome

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