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Free PC Game: America’s Army: Proving Grounds

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As in its predecessors, America’s Army: Proving Grounds (AA: PG), focuses on the USA Army, emphasizing teamwork and realism in the game. While this new version does not have the same level of realism of the first and second title, has however, a good balance between realism and gameplay.

In this game, players will experience the same kind of tactical positioning, that soldiers of the American army get in training simulations. The game is set in a fictional country called the Republic of Ostregal, and players will be in the role of a soldier in the 11B Infantry.

America’s Army: Proving Grounds, provides various training exercises, designed to develop the skills of a small unit combat maneuvers. The exercises Battledrill (BDX), are 6 players against 6 players small clashes. These fast maps, focusing on basic moves and maneuvers, allowing players to learn, as the enemy reacts and adjusts its strategy. The game also offers trainings Forward Line Operation (FLO), which includes maps of 12 against 12 players. These broader, missions require use of the knowledge acquired in Battledrills 6 against 6 players.

As the focus of the game is the American army, it is natural that we find at our disposal the normal and actual equipment of an infantryman. At the beginning of each match, we can choose as the main weapon one of the following weapons: heavy machine gun M249 Saw, M4A1 assault weapon, M14 EBR-RI, Remington 870 MCS shotgun. As a secondary weapon we have the M9A1 pistol. We will be able to customize the sights of the main weapons with 3 types of sights. We also have 4 types of grenades: The M67 fragmentation grenade, the M84 stun grenade, the M83 smoke grenade white and the M106 smoke grenade that have a faster deploying of smoke than the M83.

Regarding the matches, all the maps have objectives ranging capture the flag to control certain areas of the map. When we get killed the first time, we are in fact disabled. Then one of two things can happen, a member of our team gives us the 1st aid treatment and we return to the game, or any member of the opposing team comes near us and binds our arms, thus preventing our recovery. There are also times that we take injuries and we might get a bleeding, in these cases we can heal ourselves with bandages. If we do not, we might become incapacitated.

The game currently, has about 13 maps / missions. Being 7 maps of 6 against 6 players and the remaining 5 maps 12 vs 12 players.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows Vista or better
CPU/Processor: 2.4+ GHz Quad Core/AMD equivalent or higher
RAM/Memory: 4 GB
Video Board: with at least 512Mb and Shader 3.0 support.
America’s Army: Proving Grounds Gameplay Video:

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