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Battlestar Galactica Online (BGO) is the new online science fiction game, from the German company Bigpoint, where will you be able to experience this epic adventure that puts Humans against the dreaded Cylons.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to choose between the two factions. The goal is to ensure the survival of your faction by what means necessary and to gain control of the galaxy.

With strategic and tactical elements in battles that unfold in 3D real time, the well-known TV series now comes to life, in this free MMORPG that runs in your browser using the Unity 3D plugin.

The BSGO gameplay boils down to two components: collection of resources and space combat. With the resources that you obtain by mining asteroids you will be able to buy better ships and equipment.

You will be able to buy equipment, repair systems and get missions when coupled with a Battlestar (Human) or Star Base (Cylons).

The core of BSGO experience is your ship. There are three classes of ships in the game -- light, medium and heavy -- and each faction has three ships in each weight class. You will start the game with a ship from the light class, you will gain access to the other two types, between levels 10 and 20. The higher the class, more weapons, hull, engine and other components you will be able to install on the ship.

For resources, you’ll have to scan asteroids and planetoids. After analysis, if there are valuable resources in them, you can destroy them if an asteroid or call a mining ship if it is a planetoid.

Attention: To start playing this game right away, you only need to click the link after the video below and then register your free account.

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    samz said:

    Good game and can be played by a child

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    justin fasih said:

    I want to download it

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