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Canasis is a game compilation, that does not only include card games, but also board games, dominoes, canasta, spades, hearts, euchre, pinochle, checkers and much more. You can play it online against others or against the artificial intelligence.

Canasis is famous for having thousands of variations of each game. Pinochle single deck or double deck, cut throat euchre, checkers, thousands of variations of canasta or come out with your own ideias for the games rules. Canasis have good graphics with many clubs, leagues and online tournaments.

Some features:

- free online games
- many online player to play with
- public chat is clean and vigorously moderated
- play thousands of diferent rule styles of each online game
- easy to use
- free technical support
- daily free mini-tournaments and many serious competitions
- change the rules enough to invent new games
- detailed progress stats
- play up to 4 players

Canasis Picture:

File Size: 8.3 MB

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      Georges Esber said:

      I downloaded Canasis today, while I was playing against computer it did work for a while than it stopped
      I have Vista and IE 9 and firefox on my lap top.
      can you tell me please how can I get the game to work

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        Marretta Spier said:

        Hello… I had to redue my computer. I downloaded canasis..I do have window 7..I know to use problem is it tells me windows cannot fine canasis.exe…..can u please help..I love this site been playing on it for 12 years. Thank you….

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      lena516 said:

      you have to run canasis as administrator!

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      lorry said:

      the game will not work for me either i vista, i did have this game six years or so ago now it just wont download and play for me why

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      Claudia said:

      Same problem as Lorry. Used to have the game installed in another computer for several years. Now I cannot get it to run. It marks: error.

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