Free PC Game: Farmerama

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Build your own virtual farm, take care of your livestock, crops and trees, escape from city life and become a veteran farmer.

Farmerama is a free browser game where you’ll have a chance to build a thriving farm, according to your own desires.

Your property includes a grand house, a water tank, a barn, a windmill and a pile of fertilizer. You will be able to create various types of animals and plants. In Farmerama, there are many different types of vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and animals available for players to grow. The diversity of animals includes not only the classic farm animals such as chickens, pigs, cows and horses, but also exotic ones, such as kangaroos, camels and ostriches.

In the empty fields, you can grow wheat, carrots, sunflowers, tomatoes and apples. You can harvest the cherries, plums and pears from the trees. To accelerate field growth, you can use manure to fertilize the fields and you can also give water to the animals by pouring water in your tank water.

Be careful and pay attention to saboteurs that may ruin all your harvest work.

Attention: To start playing this game right away, you only need to click the link after the video below and then register your free account.

Farmerama Video:

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    Arnab said:

    good game

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    lakshmikurre said:

    not bad

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    Amelia Campbell said:

    Nice Game!

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