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Frets on Fire is a video game that mimics the commercial game Guitar Hero. It is playable on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The player, presses the buttons at the right time, to match the colored markers that appear on the screen, the markers are associated with the rhythm of the playing music.

The Frets on Fire can be played using a PC keyboard and there is also support for joysticks, which means that with the appropriate adapter and / or software may also be used with controllers like guitars.

Colored square-shaped markers appears on the screen of the player, synchronized with the music and are played keeping the button “Fret” pressed, that correspond with the correct color and then press the “pick” at the right time. With ten right notes, you will have an increase in the score multiplier, which multiplies the points every time you hit up to four times. The multiplier is reset when the player misses a note or fingering the wrong time.

Some Features:

-- Unique style inverted keyboard gameplay
-- Supports guitar controllers and generic joysticks
-- Includes a music editor which allows you to do your own songs.
-- Compete with other players for a position in the World Table of scores.
-- Hundreds of songs composed by the community.
-- Allows you to import songs from Guitar Hero ™ and Guitar Hero ™ II

Frets on Fire Video:

File Size: 33 MB

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