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Heat Online is a free car racing MMO, which has the peculiarity of not having any items. That is, the game depends only on the player’s ability to race, and not in some rocket launcher (or other item of this kind), which prevents the opponest to finish the race 50 meters from the goal, as we can see in some other car racing MMO games.

The gameplay in Heat Online is quite intense, and the game is based entirely on the ability of each player. New players need not get too worried, because even without items, the initiated can certainly make good races. This happens, because the slopes and terrain have a certain degree of difficulty, there are a great probability that someone will run in some sort of problem. And then, there are also shortcuts that can be used to gain ground.

Heat Online, has an interesting customizing car system. Each race that you do, you’ll earn money and experience that can be used to purchase new aesthetic components for your car.

In terms of graphics they are simply amazing for a free MMO game, without a doubt has the best graphics in games of this genre. There are several options to increase or decrease graphic quality, and also several camera angles, to be used according to the preference of each player.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP or better
CPU/Processor: Pentium 4 1,8 GHz or higher
RAM/Memory: 768 MB
Video Board: ATI 9600 / GeForce 6600 or better.

Heat Online Video:

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File Size: 2.5 GB

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      osei bonsu alex said:

      l like this game very much

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      dilip said:

      very good

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      dakota said:

      I think they closed heat online because the website is gone and the down load link doest work

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      Debra Newton said:

      thanks for uploading…!

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