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Knights Online Key features:

-- Intense PvP (Player vs. Player) action in a fantasy MMORPG.

-- Choose between two factions in this epic conflict: El Morad or Karus.

-- Four classes to choose from: Mage, Priest, Warrior and Rogue.

-- Combat in wars and castles sieges.

-- You have the chance of becoming King and gain great power and respect.

-- Play and fight in a persistent world in a PvP environment.

About the game …

To move forward in Knights Online, you must collect experience points to gain levels and items, that will increase your character’s statistics. The monsters that inhabit the game world, can be attacked, with melee attacks or skills. Once a monster is killed, players earn experience points and the dead monster leaves behind a loot box, which can contain Noahs (in-game currency) and other items. The box is only accessible to the player or group of players who did the most damage to the monster.

There are many missions (quests) on Knights Online. These may require that the player has to kill a certain amount of monsters or collect certain items (quest items). The attendant will tell the player about the missions that may be completed at the current level. Missions (quests) are given by NPCs that are commonly found in cities. The reward for the missions may include experience, Noahs, weapons and armor, or even the ability to use certain skills. Players are encouraged to be patient with the acquired rewards, because as you level up becomes more difficult to accumulate experience.

Players lose experience if they are killed by a monster. The amount lost depends on the level of character and the player can also lose a level when he lose experience. However, a death that results in a loss of one level does not allow the player to complete quests for the lower level.

Whenever you gain a new level, players earn attributes points, which can be deployed in strength, health, dexterity, intelligence and power of magic. Levels 20 to 60 give the player 3 attribute points, after level 61 players earns 5 points. Starting at level 10, two skill points are also awarded for each level. Characters can undergo a career change at level 10 and change a second time at level 60. The changes in the profession can unlock new abilities for the character, depending on your class.

About PvP …

Knight Online allows players to fight against each other in various areas. Some of these areas do not offer rewards or risks, while other areas players earn National Points (NP) and Leader Points (also called Ladder Points) for killing enemy players, but the defeated player loses some of these points. When the player defeat an enemy alone, he earn 50 NP, but when the player are in a group, the points are distributed among group members. When he die he lose 50 NP. In addition, 50% of the coins of the defeated player is transferred to the winner, although such losses can be prevented if we put the coins in the bank.

The 50 players with the most national points, and the 200 players with more Leader points of each nation are ranked and are eligible for Knight title and a cash bonus. Leader points are set to zero at the beginning of each month.

If we exclude the arenas, players can only attack players of the opposing nation.

Knights Online PvP has the following areas:

Arenas are the battlefields where players can battle each other without the risk of loss of National Points. Arenas are a good place to practice your skills in PvP.

Abyss Dungeon, Krowaz Dominion, and the quest for clan promotion, are places where combat between players is not the main objective, but still enabled. There are no rewards or losses on the fighting in those areas

Ardree, Ronark Land and Ronark Land Base are battle zones. Leader and National Points are assigned. These are considered the main areas for PvP in Knights Online.

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