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League of Legends is an online strategy game with a fantasy theme, released by Riot Games. Those who are familiar with games like the Defense of the Ancients or Heroes of Newerth will easily understand the League Of Legends game mechanics, because all these games are very similar at their core game rules.
For those who do not know any of these games, the ideal is to play the tutorial first, to understand the gameplay mechanics. It should be noted that League Of Legends is a very teamwork-oriented game, it is difficult to win unless there is coordination with teammates.

The first time you run the League of Legends, players will have the option to go through the tutorial game, which is recommended.
After completing the tutorial, players can go direct to an online game, simply by clicking the Play button, which is in the top side. Finding a game takes 1-2 minutes and at peak hours usually only takes a few seconds.
Once players found a game, they have 1 minute and 30 seconds to choose a champion, two invocation spells and some runes. League Of Legends, currently, has about 120 playable Heroes / Champions. New players must choose one of ten recommended champions, as these are easier to play. Of these eight, Ashe and Tristana are undoubtedly the most intuitive to play. But do not think that they are the weakest heroes only because are the easy ones to play. No, League Of Legends does a good job balancing the power of each champion.
Not all heroes are available to new players, some heroes can only be purchased at the store in exchange for influence points. Players earn influence points when they win League Of Legends matchs.

League Of Legends is a 5v5 game, after choosing your champion, the two invocation spells and runes, is when the game really begins. Everyone starts at level 1 and the maximum is 18. The aim is to destroy the enemy team’s base before they destroy yours. Take note that whenever you make a new game all the heroes go back to be level 1.
The heroes gain experience points by eliminating opponents. Each new level increases the attributes of the hero and you gain 1 skill point that can be used to learn / improve one of the four heroes skills.
Each round of League Of Legends usually lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, so before you start playing, make sure that you have time to finish the game

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP or better
CPU/Processor: Pentium 4 2 GHz or higher
RAM/Memory: 512 MB
Video Board: any card compatible with DirectX 9.
League Of Legends Gameplay Video:

How to Download and Install League Of Legends:

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