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SuperTux Kart is a kart racing game. Basically, you running a number of laps and try to be faster than your opponents. There are “Power ups” such as extra acceleration, rockets and other stuff that helps you defeat your opponents.

There are also coins scattered on the tracks, which can be collected, and the more coins we have, the better when we catch a power up. There are also some black and red arrows, drawn on the tracks, that will give, for a few moments, a speed boost

There are also negative objects on the track, like bananas, anvil and the parachute that will slow our speed for some time.

SuperTux Kart at this moment, have more than 20 diferent tracks a battle arenas.

The game comes with five racing modes:

»» A quick run (Quick race -- from 1 to 5 rounds)
»» Counter Clock (Time Trial)
»» Championship (Grand Prix)
»» Follow-the-leader
»» 3-Strikes Battles

The game supports multiplayer with split screen option.

SuperTux Kart Video:

File Size: 86 MB

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