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Tribes 2 is a multi-player online game that unfolds in the fictional universe of Earthsiege. As the name implies is the second game in the Tribes series, following the Starsiege: Tribes. It was developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra Entertainment in March 2001. With the release of Tribes: Vengeance in 2004, Tribes 2 becomed a free game, as a way to promote the new game in the series.

Tribes 2 was designed to be played on the Internet or LAN up to 64 players (32 vs 32) or bots per game, but has a single player tutorial for learning the basics. The game can be played from the a first person perspective or third person. All maps are based on the Earth Siege universe and the game graphics engine, supports indoors and extense outdoors areas.

The players move around the map by walking or using a Jet Pack, or through a series of ground and air vehicles available to players.

There are several game modes, ranging from Deathmatch to Capture the Flag. Players can choose between three possible classes and each class is dependent on the configuration of equipment and weapons that can lead into battle. This setting can be changed at any time in any base terminal.

The game features a wide variety of equipment, items that can be installed on the map and vehicles, resulting in an extensive range of possibility for a creative play and tactics. This allows multiple play styles, ranging dynamically from player to player and from moment to moment. Tribes 2 can be characterized as a game of intense fighting taking place in a large game area.

Attention: In November 2008, VU Games has removed the authentication servers that have the server list where you can play online. But in early 2009 the community of players and fans, provided a “master server” to replace the oficial one, making it possible again to play Tribes 2 online.
To do this, after downloading the game and install it, you need to go to the site Tribes Next and download the patch that has the new list of about 40 servers. (click where it says Multiplayer Patch)

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