UFO: Alien Invasion

Free PC Game: UFO: Alien Invasion

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UFO: Alien Invasion is a game based on the classic UFO: Enemy Unknown for DOS. It consists of a set of strategic and tactical combat against an alien invasion force. We are placed to command a small defense special force, which will face the alien invasion force.

To be successful in the long run, we have a scientific team that will investigate all the captured alien technology and the objectives of the aliens on Earth.

This game in its combat aspects, they happen through rounds where each team has a limited number of time units per turn. The graphics engine is based on a highly modified version of Quake 2. This does not mean it is necessary to have Quake 2 installed.

The game supports multiplayer, either via LAN or Internet on a maximum of 3 x 3 players.

UFO: Alien Invasion Video:

File Size: 520 MB

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