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Warzone 2100 is by a strategy game in real time, which was published in 1999 and in 2004 was made ​​Open Source. This means that a group of fans took the source code, for this game, and are developing, improving and adapting the game for todays operating systems.

Personally, I played this game when it was first released and until today is one of my favorite strategy games. In a first analysis, the game seems just like another RTS game, like so many others. But, it has unique features that i never seen anywhere else. First, it has hundreds of different technologies in all areas. Second, the units are composed of three basic modules that define the final unit.
That means, dependent on the technologies already researched, we designed our own units, which are dependent on modules for chassis, armor and weapon or support. This small detail, allows a total of more than 2000 different possible units.

Given that there are over 400 technologies available, it is perfectly natural that is extremely rare to research them all in one game. Therefore, each player usually decides which type of technologies to research, this coupled with the immense possibilities of different units, means that every time we play is a different experience.

The game comes with a single player campaign mode, skirmish mode against the computer, and can be played in LAN or direct connection up to 8 players.

Warzone 2100 Video:

File Size: 55 MB

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      richard said:

      Some like the game from the graph, others for the varieties of resources and things you can do. For me, the game does not necessarily need to be beautiful, to be good. And just as there are people who prefer to play Tibia than modern MMORPGs. I rate 10 for this game. He reminds me of my times of Starcraft on the N64

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