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In ZooMumba you are going to play the zoo director role, you will face many challenges, you must customize the zoo in versatile ways, create and treat the animals and keep the visitors satisfied.

In the vast zoo store, you’ll be able to buy different types of animals cages. When you have placed them on the map room you will be able to buy new animals. If you get a male and a female of a given species, you might get a new baby to the Zoo.

Animals, of course have to be treated well. In ZooMumba you will be able to play with the animals, provide food and water and treat the skin gently.

In the Zoo store, you will be able to find everything the animals need. You can buy herbs, meat and various kinds of fruit. You can even buy medicine for animals that are sick. You’ll also be able to buy special buildings to attract more people to the Zoo.

To be able to play this adventure in the ZooMumba magical world, you require only a standard browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player.

Attention: To start playing this game right away, you only need to click the link after the video below and then register your free account.

ZooMumba Video:

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